Foul Drainage in Tunbridge Wells | The Common Link to Groundworks

When people think of groundworks companies or, to a lesser degree, about foundation installers, they rarely make an instant link with foul drainage or surface water. Instead they think more of excavation and earthworks, or of concrete laying for foundations, raft slabs and concrete bases. In fact, many of our newer customers in Tunbridge Wells won’t think of foul or surface water drainage at all.

Most homes have a dual drainage system with pipework that separates wastewater from surface water runoff. Wastewater comes from toilets, baths and sinks, or from domestic appliances, and it disperses into sewage treatment plants. Surface water is typically rain or stormwater that runs from rooftops, surfaces and roads before dispersing into soakaways or streams.

Ravensrock Groundworks has a good understanding of foul and surface water drainage because we are groundworkers, foundation installers and concrete laying specialists. In fact, we often build concrete bases for foul drainage systems, such as treatment tanks and pumping stations. 

This means we speak from a position of authority, understand drainage well, and have clear ideas on how we can help customers in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas with drainage issues.

Signs of a Drainage Problem

If you notice signs of a blockage because a toilet, a bath or a sink won’t empty, or if you notice unpleasant smells or foul drainage water emitting from manholes, you need to speak to a groundworks and drainage contractor immediately. Choosing a combined service provider is a smart move because, in addition to resolving the issue, a company that has experience in multiple roles can investigate the cause behind the problem.

Because Ravensrock trades as foundation installers too, we’ll be able to tell you everything about your drainage system.

And, if you live in a more rural area without a mains sewer connection, we can help you to manage foul wastewater dispersal with a combined groundworks and drainage service that includes concrete laying. Should you need us to install cesspits, septic tanks or sewage treatment plants, we can excavate, prepare, build concrete bases to support the installation, and backfill to leave your Tunbridge Wells property looking clean and undisturbed.

The groundwork and drainage specialists at Ravensrock, and our foundation installers, can advise on the following:

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