Foundation Installers in Tonbridge | Concrete Laying and Slabs

Concrete bases and slabs offer numerous benefits, particularly in countries with warm climates or in temperate conditions like we have in the UK. Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd is a company of foundation installers with vast experience in concrete laying and foul drainage. We realise that weather conditions dictate which type of foundation to use. We install concrete slabs and bases in Tonbridge with confidence.

This is because temperatures in the area only drop below zero over short periods of the year, and never reach the -15°C to -30°C range that can cause bases and slabs to crack.

Strong, Reliable Bases

Typically, the concrete slabs and bases laid by our foundation installers are centrally poured in a single process to depths of up to 6” and in widths of up to 24” with provisions made for foul drainage and surface water runoff. Concrete laying to a set specification strengthens the perimeters of builds.

Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd can reinforce foundations with rebars to increase the load-bearing weight. Building concrete bases and slabs on sand provides cushioning and assists in surface water drainage. Foundations poured in concrete have no crawlspace and are built on properties in Tonbridge which have been graded to avoid sinking because of poor soil compaction.

Concrete Bases | The Sensible Choice

Other benefits of concrete slabs and bases include:

Naturally, every system that has advantages will come with some disadvantages to but, with concrete laying, these are far and few between. When foundation installers lay concrete bases and slabs for a new build, the lack of crawlspace means there is no room for concealing utilities. Contractors must run their ductwork through the loft or walls instead.

And, should you have issues with a foul drainage system in the future, repair work tends to be more disruptive.

Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd also advises that variations in temperature and moisture can cause cracks in concrete bases and slabs. This is easily resolved by maintaining constant moisture levels and watering around foundations regularly. We believe the benefits outweigh the very few disadvantages and offer the best option for customers in the Tonbridge area.

For concrete bases and slabs, and for foul drainage installations in Tonbridge, call our foundation installers on 01580 211728 or 07730 941874.