Foundations, Raft Slabs and Concrete Bases in Sevenoaks | Our Installers Explain The Key Differences

Our groundworks contractors and foundation installers support builders and small-scale developers, and the public, with a wide range of services. Experience in the world of excavation and groundworks, and our knowledge of construction and foul drainage systems, make our company a popular choice with customers in Sevenoaks who need concrete laying services.

Foundations, slabs and concrete bases all use this sturdy material. Concrete has been at the forefront of construction for many years, and it has shaped the planet we live on.

Reputable foundation installers, including those at Ravensrock Groundworks, will tell you that the foundation work is the most important part of any construction project. Because foundations, slabs and concrete bases rely so heavily on our skills in concrete laying, it’s understandable that some property owners in Sevenoaks would want to know more about it.

Our knowledge of building, construction, foul drainage systems and utilities makes us an authority on concrete, and in the differences behind the main services we have to offer you.

Concrete Bases

These are the most basic foundations for small builds. Our groundworks contractors lay concrete bases for the construction of garages, sheds and outdoor buildings, although a reinforced base can easily absorb the weight of a holding tank or even a static or modular home. Most groundworkers have skills in concrete laying. They can lay concrete bases just as well as large-scale foundation installers in Sevenoaks.

Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd digs out what we call “The Formation Level”. This is where we dig down to firm, load-bearing ground from where concrete slab preparation can begin. We always make sure our concrete laying work never impacts foul drainage systems or utility supplies.

We always make sure our concrete laying work never impacts foul drainage systems or utility supplies.

Raft Slabs

Raft Slabs are a much stronger version of a concrete slab. They can withstand heavier loadings from above and movements from below. In some instances, they have a floating design. This means they move with the underlying ground pressure (also known as heave). Foundation installers typically use raft slabs in the construction of new builds and extensions.

Unlike concrete bases, which work better for smaller builds like sheds and outdoor buildings in Sevenoaks, raft slabs can support the heavier loads of a main build or an extension.

Structural engineers with experience in property construction manage the design of raft slabs, but it is groundworks contractors and foundation installers who play a more detailed role in their use. We use formwork and concrete laying techniques to reinforce raft slabs by pouring around them.

Sometimes, we may have to lay systems for foul drainage and stormwater below raft foundations. If you have any questions to ask about raft slabs, and whether or not your project in Sevenoaks would need them, please contact us and we will happily answer them for you.

Pile Foundations

Piles are just another type of foundation, particularly used where ground conditions are not stable enough, nor of a suitable load bearing capacity or strength. Piles are vertical rods placed into ground from several meters deep, to tens of metres deep. In all cases, piles need placing deep enough to bear it firm and stable ground.

Our groundworks contractors and foundation installers have many years of combined experience in the use of piles.

Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd can install piles at domestic or commercial projects in the Sevenoaks area, including in locations with restricted access. We also manage obstructions, such as rock, clay, concrete bases and previous concrete laying work, gravel or filled land, in a professional manner.

Again, we are always considerate with systems related to foul drainage and stormwater.

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