Groundworks in Cranbrook | Benefits of Concrete Bases for Projects in and Around Cranbrook

Concrete is a great material to use for a variety of groundworks projects. At Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd, our experienced foundation installers complete concrete laying for a range of projects in Cranbrook and the surrounding areas. Our team creates durable and lasting concrete bases to support sheds, garages, extensions, new builds and more. We also manage foul drainage to ensure properties are correctly protected. 

Here, our experts have listed a few of the many benefits of choosing concrete to create bases for your build.


The high quality concrete we use to create bases is a popular choice for all types of constructions because it is waterproof. It does not have joints, which means it is much easier to create a waterproof structure. It is also a lot more dense than other materials so, it is harder for water to infiltrate builds. Its dense nature also means there will be fewer damp related issues with buildings and it can reduce the chance of algae and mildew. Concrete helps reduce the amount of water related issues with the underground features of builds, such as basements.


Concrete is an extremely versatile material, which means it can mould into most shapes, making it perfect for a wide range of projects. Our foundation installers can undertake concrete laying for different foundation designs and structures. It’s versatility means we can create concrete bases for complex construction projects in Cranbrook and the surrounding areas. To ensure the builds we work on are optimised, we also manage the rest of the groundworks for jobs including any foul drainage requirements.

Quick Installation

Concrete is a lot quicker and easier to lay than a lot of other materials. This means projects requiring concrete installations are more likely to be completed on time and in budget. Because concrete can be poured using machinery, the process can be even speedier, more efficient and cost-effective.

Fire Resistant

The concrete we lay is extremely fire resistant, which is a great feature to have in any type of building. It even maintains its structural integrity in incredibly high temperatures because it is such a solid substance.


At Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd, our foundation installers ensure all of the concrete bases we lay are incredibly strong. Our team carefully completes all concrete laying so surfaces can evenly distribute the weight of the structure to be built on top, which prevents shifting and subsidence from occurring. We expertly manage all of the groundworks for projects in and around Cranbrook so durable and long lasting structures can be constructed. The concrete we lay also requires minimal maintenance, which makes it a popular choice amongst customers and clients. We take every care to ensure safe and fully functional installations, which is why we also provide foul drainage services for homeowners, builders and developers.

For groundworks experts installing concrete bases in Cranbrook and all of the surrounding areas, please call Ravensrock Groundworks Ltd on 01580 211728 or 07730 941874 today.